CAD: Making light work

Homeowners are requesting smart appliances and also smart lighting and wireless charging in CAD designs, says product manager of 2020 Jim Smalley

29 Jul, 19

Not only are homeowners requesting smart appliances but also other smart features such as lighting and wireless charging in CAD designs says product manager of 2020 Jim Smalley

Making light work


When it comes to high tech kitchens, designers are beginning to reap the benefits by staying ahead of the design game.

Not only are homeowners requesting smart appliances but also other smart features such as lighting and wireless charging.

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Our customers tell us smart lighting is one of the most common requests their clients have in terms of technology in the kitchen.

Likely to be top of the list is a central panel that controls all lights or, better still, lights that are voice or app-controlled.

Voice-controlled lights need to be connected to a smart device such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant in order to function. Options include under cabinet lighting, spotlights, pendant lights and lamps.

On charge

As you know you can never have enough power points, and a high technology kitchen’s no exception.

Whether the kids are doing their homework, parents are cooking, or the entire family’s having dinner, someone is bound to have to plug their device in.

So, a selection of traditional and USB plugs or wireless charging stations for easy charging meets your client your needs.

Or a hidden charging station placed in a kitchen drawer, in a nook under the kitchen island, on the side of the kitchen island or under a cabinet always creates a stir.

CAD tips

If you’re using 2020 Fusion, the application completely eliminates the complexity of adding lighting, making it simple for designers to experiment with a variety of lighting options in its 3D views, requiring just a few clicks of the mouse and minimal wait times for Fusion’s  renders to complete.

You can also demonstrate the power and impact of lighting choices to clients, using the product’s 360° Panorama functionality.

It allows an immersive view of their dream space to be sent via email and seen from a variety of different viewpoints, using their own smartphone or tablet – in the comfort of their own home.

Plus, with thousands of lighting products and many other stylish and contemporary graphic items to choose from in 2020’s cloud-based decorative catalogue.

This includes smart appliances in the catalogues from leading manufacturers.

Using CAD, you’re not only improving the aesthetics of your customers’ designs, but you’re also maximising your opportunity to upsell.

PEER Point

“There is no doubt that future kitchens are destined to be digital. As designers, we are aware that more and more users are embracing high tech solutions when it comes to making decisions for their kitchens; whether it is a dishwasher that responds to voice commands or an oven that can be remotely controlled. Thanks to these smart solutions, users are able to save more time, space and cost in the long-term, while designers are encouraged to incorporate smart technologies in their kitchen designs.”

Yaprak Yalcinkaya, Designer Kitchen Direct

2020 Fusion Inspiration Awards Winner 2019, Experts’ Choice