How to create a jaw-dropping showroom

Sean Harrison, director of Image Design Solutions, offers tips on creating showrooms with stand-out appeal

01 May, 19

Sean Harrison, director of interior shop fitting company Image Design Solutions, looks at what retailers need to consider for showroom with stand-out appeal

How to create a jaw-dropping showroom

Showroom design should be about breaking the boundaries of traditional retail outlets, by creating impactful spaces, while adding an element of style with the practicality of modern design.

The aim should be to create room settings that match the character of the product displayed within the space.

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An area of a showroom should be about transforming the original space, however big or small, into a vision of geographic design, and demonstrating the practicality of reality.

You should enhance the visual elements of bespoke design and fine niches to create areas that naturally flow throughout the showroom, while inspiring customers.

Consider the exterior

Any good interior design should start with an eye-catching exterior.

The outside of any showroom should be memorable and engaging, with innovative design aimed to get retail customers through the door.

Brand is a key element for any business, as this defies who you are and how you’ll be remembered; whether for the showroom itself or, if you are a brand, within the showroom.

An impactful space for the exterior is to have a great window; this should be a WOW factor.

It allows a designer to be different, adding a fun element to their designs, while creating a unique and desirable experience through the latest innovations.

The window space needs to capture the imagination of the customer and should be seen as a presentation for the showroom, whether it is a demonstration of more product inside or a bold statement of innovative design.

I have seen many variations for window displays from basic to high-end settings showing off quality product, with the finest wall tiles to bikes with sinks in place of the seat and chandeliers made from toilet brush holders.

There really is no structure here and that is what makes a window space an exciting area to play with.

Display settings

Another important factor of any showroom especially in the bathroom industry is displays.

We may have covered the factors of creating spaces for room settings and window displays, but it is also necessary to showcase individual products such as taps, accessories and shower mixers etc.

A roomset should be as important as a window display.

It should have the same element of emphasis that allows a designer to think outside the box and create unique designs, separating their displays from competitors and creating an individual masterpiece to showcase product.

The right finishes and the correct amount of lighting can really create stunning displays, however big or small the budget, adding to the portfolio of a stand out showroom.