MDF for wet areas

Medite says MDF can be used for wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens

22 Mar, 19

Medite Smartply explains how MDF can be used in wet environments, like bathrooms and kitchens

MDF for wet areas

Medite Tricoya Extreme can be used within a showering environment


The typical kitchen or bathroom environment is an unforgiving one.

Wet walls and counters, damp floors and humid climates put the materials that make up these spaces to the test.

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They need to be tough, that’s for sure, but they also need to cater to your taste aesthetically.

When you think tough materials you could be forgiven if the first things that come into your mind are granite, marble, oak etc.

But what if we told you MDF could withstand these conditions and achieve finishes equal to those inherent of traditional materials?


In the kitchen there are a number of areas that come in direct contact with water, including the surfaces, floors and splashback areas.

Granite and stone worktops are the obvious choice for the modern kitchen worksurface; they look good and water isn’t likely to cause these heavyweights any issues.

However, that heavyweight quality is in itself an issue: transportation, labour and install costs all add up, let alone removal or replacement. Perhaps most of all though, they’re extremely expensive.

So, what can you do with MDF?

Medite Tricoya Extreme (MTX) is water resistant MDF panel that is guaranteed for 50 years, even in direct contact with water.

Much lighter than traditional stone, steel and hardwoods, it can be finished to replicate any of these materials and much more. In fact, it’s even been made to look like ageing steel.

Developed with the end users’ wellbeing in mind, this panelling has been certified to exceed strict CARB2 emissions regulations and is FSC certified to ensure the product can be used in homes and public buildings where health and wellbeing are paramount.


Bathrooms present a slightly different material challenge to that of the kitchen.

Hot, steamy showers may be good for the soul, but they’re tough on traditional timber, such as hard and softwoods.

These are the humid environments Medite MR was created for: to get a bit technical, it is manufactured in accordance with EN 622-5.

It is a moisture-resistant panel that’s used for non-stressed applications, such as bathroom furnishings, architectural mouldings, skirting boards, architraves, window boards, flooring and general interior joinery.

Moving away from the furnishings, let’s take the most challenging part of a bathroom: the shower itself.

Shower wall panels have for many years been tiled, or even plastic.

Well, now you can achieve the aesthetic finish of marble, or even brutalist concrete; it’s all possible with Medite Tricoya Extreme.

All together, MDF panels make a kitchen and bathroom dream-team.

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