6 ways to grow your business

Product selection, holistic displays and online experience

24 Apr, 19

Commercial director of Sirius, a buying group for independent electrical retailers and independent kitchen showrooms, Steve Jones offers six ways to grow your business

6 ways to grow your business


Although there is uncertainty around Brexit, it could be the best time to look at your business and consider how you can grow it. So, here we take a look a six ways to grow your business in the current climate, and it could be easier than you think


1. Quality product counts

Consumers want to know they can invest in your product, receive a quality level of service, overcome design hurdles and even save both time and money in the long run.

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This is showing a clear demand for ‘quality lifestyle over mass-market product’ and so electing a collection of suitable hero products to provide you with a point of difference on the high street is paramount


2. Join buying group

By joining a buying group, you will be able to benefit from group level support.

It  means you will receive help on potential disputes like returns, in guarantee repairs, outstanding orders, monies and other operational and supply issues.

Independent businesses have to work exceptionally hard to outlast and compete with catalogue chain stores, online e-tailers and mutual suppliers.

As a buying group, we try and tackle these business hurdles head-on.


3. Create holistic displays

In terms of electrical appliance and kitchen retail showrooms, reports show holistic, lifestyle displays have become one of the most effective sales tools an outlet can utilise.

A stylish showroom, which appeals to the senses, can attract new consumer confidence, revenue streams and  compete on the high street.


4. Consider online sales

Investment across internal resources, e-commerce and click & collect platforms are proactive ways for retailers to create new and up-to-the-minute revenue streams.

This may work especially well across the appliance market and more specifically, for refrigeration.


5. Optimise online experience

To remain visible in the marketplace you need to be available online and optimise your digital route to market!

A company website is ultimately your customer’s first impression and so this needs to be the best representation of you and your business.

In fact, independent research communicated by our partners Digital NRG reported over 70% of all appliance purchases start with extensive online research.

Make sure you are detectable on the web so you can compete in your area of the market.

Online presence is an excellent way to drive calls, footfall and ultimately, in-store sales.