Do you have to expand to grow business?

First focus on service, staff and suppliers

24 Apr, 19

Managing director of Newcastle-based kitchen, bedroom and bathroom showroom Bespoke Interiors, Sean Evernett asks do you have to expand to grow business? He says check out these ways first

Do you have to expand to grow business?


Expanding a business is a natural requirement for any business’ growth. However, it is important to consider what can be done internally, first, before investing your resources in something new.

Focus on service

The best full-proof plan to grow your business is offering excellent customer service to your current customers.

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It might include kitchen/bathroom maintenance for free or reduced charges, free/speedy delivery, bespoke design options tailored to the customer’s needs or open, clear and transparent communication.

If something can’t be done or will take longer than necessary – utilise that positive relationship with your customer and reason with them.

Open communication also helps to manage your client expectations; no false promises equals no disappointment in your services.

Happy customers are more likely to share their positive experience with their friends/family/colleagues etc.

With that, your business is growing via word of mouth, and you’ve got a loyal and, most importantly, happy customer base.

Look after staff

It is also essential for any business to look after their staff.

If you’re aiming for high-quality customer service then that has to start with all people working for the company, not just the management or customer services team.

If you provide bathroom installations, it is vital to have a specialist who will be professional and pleasant to the customer at their home.

To ensure your company has happy staff, introduce staff engagement and benefits programs.

Introduce regular staff training sessions, so that every single person in your company is familiar with the latest trends, techniques and brands.

This will help tremendously when a specialist is on site, and a customer asks a question.

Instead of directing them to the customer services team, the specialist should be able to answer all questions regards specifics.

Build supplier relationships

Having a good working relationship with your suppliers can go a long way – especially when trying to grow your business.

They can offer help that you might need, once you take the leap of faith and start consciously expanding.

Maybe there’s a warehouse error? Instead of disappointing your customer, utilise that supplier relationship to ensure a positive experience for the customer.

Or perhaps there is a new brand you’d like to stock, but you’re not ready to commit to a full order? Again, having a friendly supplier relationship can benefit massively.

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