Mental health checklist to support staff

Ideas to help business owners and their staff

30 Mar, 20

kbb media training and recruitment agency Simon Acres Group has joined with TT Training Academy to issue a checklist for companies to support the mental health of their staff in light of Covid-19

Keep a check on mental health


KBB and merchant service provider Simon Acres Group and TT Training Academy have issued a checklist for companies to support the mental health of their staff, as the COVID-19 crisis develops.

The two companies, which recently launched a “Wellness in the Workplace” campaign have come together to offer the advice and have pledged to support any business, over the phone, in need of further advice.

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Principal director at Simon Acres Group, Simon Acres said: “These are extraordinary times and we must all work together for the common good.”

Suzanne Skeete, managing director of TT Training Academy, added: “There is even greater need to focus on our wellbeing, and that of our co-workers, as we all adjust to life under tighter restrictions.”

She continued: “We hope that our checklist can provide some help and lessen the feelings of isolation and stress that many will be experiencing.”

The wellbeing checklist considers personal wellness, technology and business support, as well as management techniques to help people in these difficult times.

In terms of personal wellness, companies should consider the following:

  •  Support each other with practical advice whenever possible
  •  Utilise help lines such as Samaritans and Mind
  •  Use reassurance with your team
  •  Adopt breathing techniques and take a few minutes to reflect

Technology and business support can help during these times where we are working remotely. Consider the following:

  •  Make the most of available technology and schedule designated times for employees to Skype/Zoom/Facetime if working from home
  •  Use all sources of Government funding and support, and share the application process in layman’s terms
  •  Tap into all available sources of business and HR advice, such as the services offered to Kbsa and Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) members

For management and small business owners, we offer further advice on how to manage through these difficult times:

  •  Keep a clear head and remember to prioritise
  • Consider delegating tasks and don’t be tempted, in the current climate, to do it all alone
  •  Manage your workload – operate each day with primary and secondary objectives.