Where should I advertise to find top designers?

Consider a recruitment agency

06 Mar, 19

Founder and director of Oval Deene Gemma Creasey offers her advice on how to recruit the best designers for your business

Where should I advertise to find top designers?

If you want to attract a top designer and you have tried job boards, putting a notice up in your showroom, local newspapers and advertising on your website but still not having any luck, it may be time to speak to a specialist recruiter in the KBB market.

The choice of channels to attract candidates has developed rapidly over the past five years.

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Gone are the days of a two-page CV in black and white and walking into employers handing it into them.

Social media has revolutionised the way we see people and interact.

LinkedIn has become a huge marketing platform for both employers and job seekers.

It allows employers to see someone’s image, career history, qualifications and recommendations.

Facebook and Twitter are also powerful channels for some employers. These channels allow you to reach a larger volume of candidates and have no initial cost outlay.

 Don’t use pay per click!

Advertising on certain job boards online, using a pay per click system, will see your marketing budget go down the drain incredibly quickly!

Yes, you may have a high volume of applicants, but they may not be of the quality you are seeking.

You are paying for applicants that are simply not suitable.

If you are looking for the most talented designer in your market, I would recommend working with a specialist KBB recruiter.

I have seen so many examples of employers wasting so much time and money on recruitment and advertising and after using a specialist has  found and recruited the best person for the business.

A recruiter will have access to all the channels you have and much more.

Oval Deene, for example, has a large nationwide network of talented designers.

They may not be active on job boards but have a great relationship with us and always happy to hear from us with exciting new opportunities in the market.

If working on a contingency basis it’s a win, win situation.

You are introduced to high-calibre, quality candidates in the market and if you hire the right person you pay a fee.

Once that designer has sold their first kitchen or two , you have already seen a return in your investment.

And you will be left with a quality designer and a great relationship with a recruiter that you will have a long-term relationship with for all your future recruitment.

Gemma Creasey explains what must be included in a job ad to attract the best designers.