kbb retailers: 5 top tips for getting back to business

Now kbb showrooms are open, sales leader at Wilsonart (parent company of Bushboard) Nick Jones shares tips to instil retailers with confidence

26 Apr, 21

Now Kbb retailers are back in business and able to invite customers into their showrooms, sales leader at Wilsonart (parent company of Bushboard) Nick Jones shares five practical tips, to instil retailers with confidence.

1. Review your collections

Many retailers have been open just four months out of the last 12. A year is a long time in the design worlds and new trends have started to emerge.

Now is the time to observe what customers are asking for and also demonstrate that you are at the cutting-edge of kitchen design.

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Speak to your suppliers about trends, ask for look books and make sure you have the latest decors.

In worktops, for example, there is an increasing trend for surfaces that replicate natural materials from the outside as a way of creating a sense of disconnection from our busy lifestyles.

With the kitchen becoming a multi-purpose sale, broken-plan designs are on the rise and both contrasting and complementing worktop designs will be used to help separate different zones of the kitchen.

2. Market yourself

Now that showrooms are open again, the competition is back on. How are your staying fresh, unique and innovative? Make sure your website and social media is up-to-date. Suppliers should be able to provide printed materials and lifestyle imagery for use online, such as the Bushboard Resource Centre.

3. COVID safe

Whilst it might seems obvious, ensuring a really positive and safe visit for your customers will really enhance their shopping experience.

Kbb retailers that are seen to be going above and beyond can really make all the difference when it comes to selling.

Show digital brochures on a tablet or add them to your website so people can browse using their own device if preferred.

4. Virtual appointments

Some customers just don’t feel ready to come back into stores just yet. If you’ve been running virtual appointments, now is a great time to keep maintaining this service.

It’s a great option for streamlining those initial customer visits as you may be able to fit two to three online in the same time as one prospective client would take in store.

Offering both options ensures that everyone still feels valued and wanted as a customer and that no-one is excluded.

5. Up-to-date displays

Whilst the retail sector has been closed, many brands have been working hard on revitalising their displays, POS and marketing support for retailers. Ensure you communicate with your supplier partners to see what support and resources they can offer you.

Bushboard overhauled its entire worktop brand at Kbb Birmingham 2020.