Don’t forget email marketing

Social media consultant Anna Rump of Amelia Rose Media, or #thesocialmedialady, says don't forget email marketing as part of your mix

21 Jun, 21

Social media consultant Anna Rump of Amelia Rose Media or #thesocialmedialady, says don’t forget email marketing as part of your mix

Don’t forget email marketing

Did you know that you do not own your social media profiles? They can disappear in the blink of an eye if a platform is hacked, crashes or decides you have broken some unheard of rule it has buried in the terms and conditions.

However, you DO own your email list! You have at your fingertips a big list of people who have expressed an interest in your company.  If used correctly it is a powerful marketing tool.

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1. Get the subject line right

This needs to be short, to the point and interesting. Offer advice on a topic that is likely to spark interest; 5 ways to style a dresser, 4 things to consider when choosing an appliance 3 things to remember when designing a kitchen.

By detailing what your newsletter is about you are far more likely to get a higher opening rate.

Titles such as “our month” “What has happened for us” “ Updates from your friendly KBB retailer” will not entice people to open the email. Show what is on offer for the client.

2. Be consistent with sending

Decide how often you are going to send out a newsletter and stick to it. Pick a time of day and stick to it.

People like consistency and are less likely to unsubscribe if your emails arrive at regular times.

By being inconsistent you run the risk that customers will feel you send too many emails and they will unsubscribe.

Don’t forget email marketing 1

3. Segment your lists

This is something so many kbb retailers do not do, but it is a hugely valuable tool.

Think about it- why would you send someone who bought a kitchen recently from you, an email about kitchens?

You should be sending them tips on storage, appeareance, small appliances.

If you know a family is thinking of a bathroom renovation, don’t send them emails about the bedroom.

By having your email list divided into segments you can ensure you send relevant emails to interested customers.

4. Use the analytics you have

Google analytics is your friend, but don’t be afraid to use more tools.

You need to know which part of the newsletter people clicked on, which page they visited as result and how long they spent there.

You can then use this to follow up with a highly pertinent email to bring them closer to a sale.

5. Sender details

Finally, make your sender name appealing. “Do not reply” is not very friendly so set up an email name just for the lists, and not one that is used by a colleague.

You will see an increase in open rates if your emails are sent from “dave@yourkbbcompany”.

Email marketing needs to be friendly, open, helpful, relevant and consistent.