Long live printed brochures

Owner of Left Right & Centre Communications Tara Silvester says it's not all about digital marketing and printed brochures are far from dead

30 Sep, 21

Owner of Left Right & Centre Communications Tara Silvester says it’s not all about digital marketing and printed brochures are far from dead

Long live printed brochures

It’s all digital marketing these days, isn’t it? There is no doubt that your website is your shop window and that you must have a visual presence on Instagram and Facebook, whether organic or paid-for.

However, having a lovely website and posting beautiful images without any genuine calls to action can be a waste of your marketing budget, and you can also be missing out on new leads.

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During lockdown 2020, and given the demise of a consumer magazine dedicated to premium kitchens and bathrooms, I suggested to my independent retailer clients the best way to get their luxury projects seen would be by each having their own brochure.

It would be presented in a magazine style, where their projects would be featured as mini case studies.

I teamed up with a graphic designer and we have since produced a number of brochures together from concept to completion.

Consumer prefer print

I also suggested my clients print a small number of brochures to give to people when they visited their showrooms, and I am glad I did.

We created pages for our clients’ websites, working with their web designers, so that people would register for the brochure either as a download, or in print, thus providing my clients with a database of potential customers.

With the help of a social media advertising specialist, we worked together to create branded and targeted digital advertising campaigns for each client, with an ‘order our brochure today’ call to action.

I was fully expecting most people would order a brochure as a download, because it’s all digital these days, isn’t it? Seemingly not.

One of my clients has reported 80% of brochure requests are for a print version.

This demonstrates that if someone is going to invest in a luxury kitchen then they want to read a stunning brochure at their leisure, not necessarily on a desktop or a tablet.

After all, they can look at a website for that, can’t they?

A brochure is a big investment, but it is also a great way to showcase all your beautiful, professional photography and to tell your story at the same time.

We work with clients to offer them a project-managed service from concept to copywriting, to art direction and design.

We always recommend print and digital versions, and we can help with that too. Digital is only part of the solution. Long live print!