Five top tips for planning a good event

Tracy-Ann Bates gives her top tips on planning a good event

18 Jun, 13
Tracy-Ann Bates gives her top tips on planning a good event

Expert: Tracy Ann Bates

Company: Esprit PR

Background: Owner and MD of Esprit PR, which was established in 2001 and specialises in PR for the bathroom and kitchen industry.

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Holding an event is a marketing activity, so treat it as such and start out with clear objectives so you can measure success.

Most people who are worth inviting will be busy, so your invitation should explain why they should give up their time to come along.

Even if you have a great relationship, it’s not enough to offer unlimited alcohol and great food, unless you have a good business reason for them to be there – otherwise it’s not an event, it’s a party!

Top tips:

-Have a reception point so you can welcome guests and record names as they arrive.

-Name badges may feel a bit formal but they are a useful tool for getting everyone mixing and great if you don’t have a good memory for names.

-A giveaway does not have to be expensive, but is an opportunity to be original and give something that represents your brand values.

-Drop your guests a line afterwards to thank them for coming – this also gives them the chance to follow-up on any potential business with you.

-If the event is at your premises, you and your showroom are very much on show. Check toilets at regular intervals, make sure that empty glasses and rubbish are continually cleared away, and showroom displays are kept looking perfect throughout.