Publicise your website

Alex Locke highlights the benefits of talking about your website and social media.

14 Jun, 18

Publicising your products or services is extremely important, but people are often so pre-occupied by doing this that they forget to publicise one of the most important aspects of their businesses, their website.

The main reason a firm’s website may have low visitor numbers is because those who run it just aren’t telling people about it.

A website acts as the main online source of information about a company, so it’s crucial a trail of virtual breadcrumbs right to its homepage is left wherever you go online.

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There are lots of great ways to help boost traffic to your website such as leaving a meaningful comment on someone’s blog, along with your website address.

Someone may be following you on Facebook or Twitter who has never visited your website before. Make sure you regularly link back to different pages of your website in a variety of non-commercial status updates or tweets.

Ask people if they’ve checked out your latest blog post or new images and leave a link for them to follow.

Use social media

The ‘about you’ section of your social media profile is the first thing people see when they click on your profile picture in an attempt to be your friend. Making sure you list your website address here is also extremely important.

Twitter and Facebook aren’t the only social media platforms out there though. Check out the likes of Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn, where you can create profiles and again link back to your website.

Simply interacting with people on various forums, profiles or social networking platforms is a great way to stimulate back links to your website too.

The best thing about leaving your link scattered across the World Wide Web for people to follow is that it’s free and easy to do. All it takes is one click and someone arrives at your website, then comes the hard part…keeping them there.

Publicise your website

Pictured – Alex Locke