Three golden rules of writing great marketing

Nigel Botterill advises on marketing

27 Sep, 13

Nigel Botterill advises on marketing

Expert: Nigel Botterill

Company: Entrepreneurs Circle

Background: Founder of Entrepreneurs Circle, said to be the largest membership organisation in the UK dedicated to helping businesses grow

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Many business owners struggle with copy – and invariably those asking for assistance, will have forgotten the three golden rules of writing great marketing that works.

So, to help you connect more easily and more powerfully with your audience, here are what I believe to be the three most important rules when it comes to marketing your business:

Rule One Personality

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. This is such a common mistake. People think they have to sound all ‘professional’ and ‘corporate’ in their email communications. WRONG! Write like you normally talk, spill the beans on who you really are. That’s the key to making your recipient want to keep reading what you send.

Rule Two Care

Care about what you say and say it with passion. When all is said and done, they’ll remember you truly cared. Speak from the heart about how much what you have to say matters in making their lives better.

Rule Three Learn

Never stop learning. This is so important. You can’t ever sit back and say, ‘great, now I’ve got that figured out!’. To stay at the top of their game, successful business owners push themselves to see, do, experience, and learn new things. It’s not an option – it’s mission-critical!

In the meantime, let your personality come to the fore and your passion flourish!

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