Attracting next gen kbb professionals

Founder of specialist recruitment agency Peter Jones says the industry has a duty to attract the next generation of kbb professionals

26 Aug, 21

Founder of specialist recruitment agency Foyne Jones,  Peter Jones says the industry has a duty to attract the next generation of kbb professionals


I believe that children are the future and put frankly, the sooner the kbb industry steps up and reaches out to Generation Z the better.

We can really position ourselves as an attractive, exciting and energising industry by engaging with young people online and in person by holding career-related events, which will spark their interest in areas previously unexplored.

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When you think about it, the three rooms that are in our industry are fundamental to the teenage experience – with the bedroom as a private den, the kitchen as the food factory and the bathroom, well, a transformation salon into adulthood

Understanding youth culture

We were all young once and so it pays to remember the mix of curiosity and uncertainty surrounding ‘the future’ when growing up.

By making an effort to understand today’s youth culture and key concerns from climate change to housing and inequality, we can tailor our approach to their interests and start opening up the kbb industry as a dynamic, constantly evolving industry, which is worth investing in professionally.

But how can you entice the youth of today to become a kbb professional? Your company could offer a dedicated spokesperson or brand ambassador who could serve as a mentor and community champion in your local area.

By taking a warm, informal ‘ask me anything’ approach you will be surprised by the level of enthusiasm out there for finding a job that rewards personally and professionally, as well as help remove preconceived ideas about different trades in our industry.

Spread the world

Alongside innovation, we have a responsibility to spread the word on the advantages of a career in kbb, such as job security, earning potential, learning and developing a trade-for-life (which in most cases are transferrable), or become a specialist in a particular area or product that you’re passionate about.

People will always need a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom – at all price points – which means that skilled designers, craftspeople, engineers and sales professionals are always going to be in high demand.

I honestly believe we do ourselves an injustice by playing down the worth of our industry and the fact that kbb, specifically, is a multi-billion global market that is ever-evolving.

The ability to have a lifelong career that is rich in transferable skills and able to give you regional, national and international opportunities is definitely worth shouting about!

So let’s all bang the drum for our industry and protect the rising demand for skilled trades in kbb together…

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Attracting next gen kbb professionals