Recruitment: What do KBB companies expect from job candidates?

KBB and merchant new business manager at Simon Acres Group Jordan Burns explains what KBB companies are looking for in new recruits.

05 Nov, 20

It is a challenging year for all companies in the KBB industry but with retail showrooms busy and manufacturers responding to `pent up` demand, employers are in need of people, and are going through the recruitment process today.

What do KBB companies expect from job candidates?


Whilst an immediate start is desirable in a busy marketplace, it is our experience that clients are looking for very specific criteria, when searching for talented individuals to add to their teams.

  • Contact book

As well as relevant industry experience, one of the first things that a KBB employer will look for is the candidate`s contacts, the number of referrals or recommendations they can bring. If you’re someone with a ‘black book’ of contacts, this could make you `self-financing`, which is music to the ears of an employer.

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  • Longevity of service

Longevity of past employment is also vitally important. There is a trend to dismiss some people who ‘job hop’ every year.  We know first-hand that employers are looking for candidates who are loyal and show a longer duration on their CVs. [Read how to write a killer CV]

  • Mention redundancy

Many experienced and skilled people are unfortunately facing redundancy due to the Covid-19 pandemic – if this is you, we would encourage you to mention if this is the specific reason for the redundancy on your CV.  Being a victim of COVID factor redundancy is something we would encourage you to talk about. Raising this early in your discussions can help you reassure the hiring manager of the reasons why your company has decided on a general redundancy programme.

  • Video skills

Video interviews are increasingly common, so brush up on your camera skills, or why not produce your own video CV. Employers will appreciate your grasp of technology and willingness to adapt to the current situation.

  • Portfolio

Employers are also looking for candidates that stand out from the pack. Put yourself in their shoes – what would you want to see? Testimonials are a great way of letting an employer know of the fantastic service you’ve previously given to your clients. How about a portfolio to show off your design skills to a retailer or proof of previous sales figures to show a manufacturer what you can do?  [Read how to Ace an interview]

At Simon Acres Recruitment we believe that ‘People Build Business’ and this is more important than ever.  Employers are looking for people that fit with their own business values and, maybe even more importantly, show they can be flexible and adapt as we continue to navigate the future uncertainties.

Jordan Burns is KBB and merchant new business manager at Simon Acres Recruitment. Recently named a young freeman of the Furniture Makers’ Company, he will act as an ambassador when working with young people in education.