Six steps to maximise profit in a retail environment

Donna Still of Ultimate Business

09 May, 18

Life strategies and success coach, international speaker and author Donna Still of Ultimate Business offers top tips to boost profit in a retail business

Every business has its own ‘diamonds’ within which is revenue hidden in plain sight.

By developing a business and showroom strategy, retailers can look to expose them and increase customer sales.

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The customer experience in the retail environment is key to attracting and keeping customers, offering a real-life experience the internet cannot replace.

Designer, author and international speaker Donna Still offers her six top tips for how to maximise the benefits of a retailer showroom, as a starting point:

Set long term goals

Create the ideal customer journey/experience based on your current best thinking. Consider the initial way consumers find you, through to how you process an order and the aftercare on offer.

Walk in customers’ shoes

Understand intimately their wants and values and why these matter to them. Do you match up to what they require?

Consumers are now more savvy than ever, so do you know what they need now, rather than what they wanted five years’ ago?

Why they would buy from you?

How is your message being communicated through your showroom and in fact through all your contact with customers?

Define and design customer experience

Look at how easy it to consume your products/services. Convenience is now king!

Is your showroom open at the weekend? Do you have late night opening hours? How can consumers easily contact you?

Serve your customers’ highest ideals

Everyone in the business must understand the importance of service-centred numbers. This enables you to step above competing and stand out instead of being a ‘me too’ business.

Develop visceral bonds

Ensure your customers feel emotionally attached to your business because they’ve received so much value from what you’ve delivered.

Create powerful, emotional relationship opportunities using your showroom.

If you are a design business – reflect it

Donna Still

Pictured – Donna Still