Why use hashtags on Instagram?

Founder and managing director of My Superconnector Jennifer Corcoran

30 Apr, 18
Founder and managing director of My Superconnector Jennifer Corcoran explains why hashtags are important for Instagram posts.

The first thing that a retailer needs to consider when starting out on Instagram is their bio.

Your bio is key to giving off a great first impression for potential followers. You want to tell people who you are, who you work with and how you can help them.

Your bio should also include a call to action to encourage followers to engage and take action when they arrive on your account.

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Instagram is undoubtedly a visual platform however the biggest mistake that I see business owners making is their use of hashtags.

You are allowed to use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram so I say use them all! Hashtags are THE way to grow your following and increase brand exposure on Instagram.

So what is the perfect hashtag formula?
  • 5 hashtags focused on your products and services
  • 10 hashtags focused on your ideal audience
  • 10 hashtags focused on your niche / community
  • 5 hashtags focused on your photo content


If you put any hashtag in the search box you will see the number of posts (uses) below.

Imagine hashtags as if they are a big craft fayre and every photo that you post is a stall selling products. If you walk into a craft fayre with 5 million other stalls setting up every minute, do you think you are going to get noticed?

Sure, there are 5 million people at the fayre but there are even more people shouting to get their attention.

If you go to a fayre with 300,000 other stalls, you are far more likely to get noticed before a bunch of other stalls push you out of the limelight.

I recommend using hashtags between 30,000 and 300,000 uses in order to get properly seen.

I strongly recommend to use no more than 5 hashtags with 1 million+ uses. This helps boost your post’s reach and give you a little exposure but still allows you a further 25 hashtags to focus on your engagement – getting your likes, comments and follows up.

So there you have it – my top tips are to inject some personality in your bio and investigate the keywords aka hashtags associated with your product or service.

Why use hashtags on Instagram?

Pictured – Jennifer Corcoran