100% Design reveals installations

20 Sep, 16

Commissioned features and installations based upon ‘Experience Design’ theme

100% Design has announced its line-up of commissioned installations and features, reflecting conceptually and physically the theme of ‘Experience Design’. 

Each installation will play on the sense to map a journey through the show, from the Design Path at the entrance through to the Central Bar, auditorium and on the upper floor The Materials Cloud and a lighting feature by Ron Arad.

At the entrance, visitors will be met by the Design Path, created by Dutch wood flooring manufacturer Hakwood. The 15m long trail consits of 493 pieces of European Oak in a Herringbone style, which has been created to resemble waves. It will be joined by a soundscape, created by architectural practice BDP to show how music can enhance a space, deliver an atmosphere, encourage sales, and provide health and recuperation benefits. 

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While in the main body of the show is the Central Bar a symobolic destination of the event. It features a stream of coloured uprights with colour scales to provide drama and boasts an overhead installation, designed to provide a focal point for the show. It will be joined by installations in the Design and Build area in the upper gallery, with an OLED light panel feature by Ron Arad and The Materials Cloud, designed by Stuiod Glowacka, with inspiration taken from toys popular in the 1970s.

A focus points for the show’s talks, presented by the Design Museum, will be the auditorium created by London-based architect and partner of the Lovegrove Studio Miska Miller-Lovegrove. Using her experience of working across public spaces, installations and exhibitors, the open space is inspired by acoustic fabric, designed as a ‘nest’.