100% Design commissions Foam Dome

21 Aug, 14

vPPR Architects to create show installation

vPPR Architects has been commissioned to design an installation, Foam Dome, for the Kitchens & Bathrooms Hub of 100% Design. 

Sponsored by Turkishceramics, the Kitchens & Bathrooms Hub will feature a pavillion created out of bubble foam to focus on the theme of well-bring and spa experiences.

The giodesic dome will be covered in white mesh, will emit foam from soap, water and air, to comprise a breathing membrane. Its interior will feature Turkishceramic products, white towels and reclining chairs to reinforce the spa aesthetic.

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Director of vPPR Architects, Jessica Reynolds commented: “We’ve designed Foam Dome around the idea of cleanliness, referencing an indulgent, purifying spa experience. It’s effervescent, glistening, constantly changing envelope will draw visitors to the Kitchens & Bathrooms hub. We think that the characteristics of foam offer a playful and complimentary approach to the beautiful, curved, glazed ceramic surfaces of Turkishceramics innovative products.”

For a list of kitchen and bathroom exhibitors, which includes Saneux, see the September 2014 issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms News.