Abode: Hot taps and finishes proving popular

08 Mar, 18

Pronto Professional and new tap finishes made waves on the Abode stand

Q: What is the story of your stand?

A: We’ve got new launches within all four [product] areas for us. So we have new developments in hot water taps, with hot water dispensers, and the Pronto Professional steaming hot water tap. We’ve got a host of new kitchen sinks, launching eight families, and some fabulous finishes across all of our product ranges.

Q: What has gained the greatest interest?

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A: So far, our steaming hot water taps and our finishes have gone down a storm.

Q: How has the show been for you?

A: We’ve had a really good, steady flow of customers from all sectors. It’s looking very positive.

Q: How is business?

A: Business is really good, actually. From a brand perspective, we’re up year-on-year, across all sectors, so it’s working really well.