Abode Pronteau hot tap was hero launch at KBB

24 Mar, 16

Marketing manager of Abode Helen Clark talks about its latest tap launches

K&B News: What new products have you brought to KBB?

Helen Clark (HC): We’ve got a whole host of products that we are launching for KBB. We’ve got Pronteau which is our new 4-in-1 mixer tap  – there’s nothing else like it in the marketplace. [A redesigned version of the Thermofier, which it previewed at KBB Birmingham in 2014] We’ve got a host of new kitchen mixer taps, kitchens sinks, and a fabulous new collection of bathroom brassware. There has been a fantastic reaction to our Pronteau 4-in-1 mixer tap; it has been really well received by all of our customers.

K&B News: Who has been visiting your stand?

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HC: A real mix! On Sunday a lot of installers that came to the show. But overall it’s been a real cross-section; house developers, architects, retailers. It’s really encouraging.

K&B News: Has this year been more successful than past exhibitions?

HC: Certainly we’re noticing the increase in the footfall that is coming through the door. It has been extremely busy. But also, and more importantly, the quality of the customers coming on and talking to you as individual brands. What we are tending to find is people who have come into the show that are looking at the products are serious about wanting to display them.  Display order sales that they have been taking have really exceeded expectations