Acquabella unveils Virtual Tour

Acquabella has unveiled a digital world of products featured on its website, but which can be downloaded by retailers for use in showrooms.

26 Apr, 21

Bathroom manufacturer Acquabella has unveiled a digital world of its products, which is featured on its website and can be downloaded by retailers for use in their showrooms.

Acquabella unveils Virtual Tour

It may also be used as a 3D experiential area on exhibition stands, when physical trade events return, as UK sales manager of Acquabella Rob Heredia commented at the launch: “This is not only the present, this is the future.”

After a year of development, the Acquabella Virtual Tour is based upon an world designed around the senses, with a central glass dome, and outlaying architectural structures.

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It has been created to showcase the range of Aquabella products, allowing users to view, change colours and textures and find out more details about the ranges.

The central dome is an exhibition, with three zones and a triangular screen boasting a presentation for each area.

It includes a company presentation, information about its Acquawhite collection, with the final zone and video focused on technical details, such as installation.

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Visitors can also journey between 10 buildings with individual architectural styling and dedicated to a product range.

Positioned at the top of a tropical waterfall is the Flow Zero environment, while the Arraba texture is reflected in the natural environment of a tree house setting.

A hut in the middle of a rainforest is home to the Ethnic texture, which found its inspiration from the bark of trees.

While a rocky terrain with modernist construction and 1920s glamour is the backdrop for Focus Beton, with curved lines and a nod to the round drain of the shower tray and a cliff-top building is the area dedicated to the minimalist Base Beton shower tray.

The most avant-garde building on the platform is home to the Smart Quiz shower tray, followed by a residence featuring the Base Slate shower tray.

On the sandy shore line, there is the Duo Slate environment, inspired by the Duo model with two different finishes.

The desert takes over the landscape in the next room, with plants dotted around to capture the softness and warmth of the Arq Zero shower tray, located inside a building that is framed and formed from straight lines.

The final environment which is a recreation of natural skin, captured by the Base Nude bespoke shower tray.

Speaking about how the company will measure the success of its Virtual Tour, Rob Heredia said: “The first step is to be innovative. We know the market is moving very fast.

“Retailers feel step-by-step that they have more online competitors. What we are looking for is giving retailers more and more tools to make showrooms more attractive for end-users to visit.”

Rob Heredia said the Virtual Tour can also be used to achieve more recognition from designers and architects, through its retail partners.

He concluded: “It’s not all about [user] numbers, it’s about the way you present [your brand] and the way your customers are going to work with it.”