AEG publishes Tasteology films online

26 May, 16

Four-strong documentary series covering: Source, Chill, Heat, Experience

As part of its Take Taste Further campaign AEG has released Tasteology, a documentary film series which explores multi-sensory, sustainable and nutritional cooking.

Premiered at the Andaz hotel in London, with a four-course meal designed by chef Jozef Youssef, the four-strong series of 15 minute films were filmed over eight weeks and are available on YouTube.

The first of the episodes, Source looks at finding the best ingredients and how taste is affected by the lost nutrients of mass-produced food. It features foraging trendsetters and chefs Satchiko and Hisato Nakahigashi, who own a Michelin-starred restaurant in Kyoto, and Mark Schatzker, the American author of The Dorito Effect.

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The second, Chill, focuses on food storage with British food waste activist and author Tristram Stuart plus German chef and cow breeder Ludwig Maurer talking about optimal conditions. It also features Culinary Misfits – a Berlin-based duo – who talk about their campaign against increasing waste of fruit and veg because it doesn’t ‘look right’.

Heat, the third episode, advises on the importance of precise heating and the benefits of using steam or sous vide. It stars French gastro-chemist Hervé This, and Latin America chef Catalina Vélez.

Finally AEG has explored how colours, sound, the weight of cutlery and the shape of the plate affect our overall taste experience in its Experience episode, Professor of Psychology Charles Spence shares his research on how the brain helps us to understand what food is likely to taste like before eating it.