Alno UK CEO resigns

28 Jul, 17

After nine years with Alno UK, Jonathan Wagstaff resigns

CEO of Alno UK Jonathan Wagstaff has resigned from his position and Stuart Welburn has been named managing director.

Previously finance director for the company, and most recently contracts managing director, Welburn is now managing director for the entire operation of Alno UK.

His role will become effective from August 1, 2017 when he will also be acting as the company’s board chairman.

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Speaking about his decision to resign, Wagstaff said: “After nine years with Alno UK, this was not an impulsive decision and has been my long-term plan for a period of time. I have been closely supporting and relinquishing duties to Stuart Welburn for a number of months in order to ensure a seamless leadership transition.

“I will be with Alno UK in a director capacity until July 31, 2017 and in the business until the end of September 2017. The real assets in any business are the people and whilst I am sad to leave. I am confident that the exceptional management team at Alno UK will take it on to even greater things.”

Stuart Welburn commented on the future of the business in light of Alno’s recent insolvency in Germany: “We are still operating business as usual with production in Germany continuing. The officers appointed by the German courts as part of Alno AG’s self-appointed insolvency are making progress towards an Alno AG restructure and we are positive that business will be sustained. I look forward to being a part of Alno UK’s future.”