AMDEA: Consumers spend more time researching trainers online than appliances

Nearly two-thirds of consumers spend more time researching trainers, meals or holidays online than an appliance purchase

12 Nov, 18

Nearly two thirds (64%) of Brits would spend more time researching a new pair of trainers, a meal out or a holiday than choosing a fridge freezer, according to YouGov Research.

In addition, over a quarter (29%) would be likely to purchase a fridge, freezer, cooker or washing machine from an online seller they didn’t know, if it was the cheapest.

And once purchased 29% don’t look at the instructions before switching on a major domestic appliance, for the first time.

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AMDEA: Consumer spend more time online researching trainers than appliances

The research was commissioned by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) as part of International Product Safety Week (November 12-16).

It has been supported by the Office for Product Safety and Standards, which works with AMDEA to encourage consumers to register their appliances for safety repair or recall notifications.

AMDEA is urging consumers to research products and sellers carefully, as well as follow installation and user guides.

It has provided five top tips for buying online:

  • Check who you are buying from. Look for reputable sellers that you know or check what other buyers say
  • Research rating and reviews
  • Check the recall listing
  • Compare prices
  • Register appliance purchases with the manufacturer
  • Found a safety issue? Report it to the retailer or manufacturer

Chief executive of AMDEA Douglas Herbison said: “At least half of our major appliances are now purchased online yet, despite an expectation that they will last for many years, it’s surprising that such a major investment warrants less thought than this season’s shoes!

“As we move into a peak buying season, our industry has looked at how our customers choose and buy their appliances online to support International Product Safety Week with sensible advice tailored to the findings among British shoppers.”