AMDEA: Retailers help consumers save energy and money

Retailers can help consumers save money and benefit the environment, with knowledge about home appliance use, reports AMDEA

01 Nov, 23

Retailers can help consumers save money and benefit the environment, with knowledge about home appliance use, reports the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA).

Part of its Know Watt’s What campaign, AMDEA is encourage retailers to highlight ways consumers can save money in the face of high fuel bills and the cost-of-living crisis.

It points out up to £80 can be saved, each year, by always washing clothes and dishes on the eco-cycle, and £60 can be saved cooking food in the microwave rather than the oven.

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Together, AMDEA reports this conserves almost enough electricity to power a washing machine on eco-mode for two years.

A YouGov survey underlined people were keen to save energy to help achieve Net Zero and reduce their carbon footprint, with more than two thirds (68%) saying they would do this even if energy prices went down.

But two fifths (40%) had made no changes to the way they used their appliances to save money since September last year, when electricity prices hit an all-time high.

Only 53% of respondents who made changes over the past year had used the eco-setting on their washing machine, and 32% on their dishwasher.

Nearly a quarter of UK adults (24%) said they never ran a service wash on their washing machine, 18% never cleaned its filter, 20% never descaled their appliances that come into contact with water and 17% never defrosted the fridge and cleaned the door seals.

AMDEA’s Know Watt’s What campaign advocates four routes to save money, which retailers could help educate customers about as they buy:

  • Use to save – use installed tech, such as eco-mode on washing appliances or smaller cooking appliances such as microwaves to cook smaller quantities
  • Maintain to save – look after machines to prolong efficient performance and lifespan.
  • Repair to save – consider repairs before replacement
  • Replace to save – replace wisely by buying appliances that are the highest affordable on the rating scale and consider replacing fridges and freezers over 15 years old.

AMDEA CEO Paul Hide added: “Many people don’t really treat their appliances as they might. Once fitted, the appliances are often forgotten about, regarded as self-supporting. But they are machines that benefit from small acts of care.

“So, by thinking about how appliances are used and giving them a little attention, households can save themselves money by using less energy and extending the lifespan of valuable assets.

“Why not stick a note on a washing machine to always use eco-mode or have a quarterly descale schedule? These are not grand life changes: a minimal effort can save a lot – and help the environment.”