Amica sales up 6% year-on-year

24 Jul, 14

UK and South Eastern Europe show greatest sales increase of more than 40%

Household appliance manufacturer Amica has grown its sales revenues by 6% year-on-year to record PLN 1.656billion, with its greatest sales in its home market of Poland, the UK, Germany and southern Europe. It began to sell built-in and freestanding appliances into Belarus, France, Greece and Cyprus in 2013.

Gross profit on sales increased to PLN 151million, which is  PLN 79million higher than the previous year and gross sales margins increased by 30%. According to the company, this was achieved by increases in production of cooking appliances and optimising its product mix. Operating proft grew to PLN 96.3million.

Its domestic sales grew 7%, exceeding PLN 571, which was attributed to growth in built-in categories; cooling, freestanding cookers and ovens, as well as hob were a key factor.

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Export sales reached 266.9million and were more than 5% higher than in 2012, with the eastern markets such as Russia and Ukraine – where is sells its products under the Hansa brand – holding the largest share. This accounted for 45% of all export sales.

The second largest export market was Germany, with turnover accounting for 31% of its foreign sales and was 8% higher than the previous year.

However, the greatest sales increases were recorded in the UK and countries of South Eastern Europe, where sales increased by more than 40%.

Dave Vincent has recently joined Amica as UK general manager, working alongside country manager Simon Freear to further develop the brand in the UK.

Commenting on the financial results, Simon Freear explained: “We are enjoying a period of sustained growth in the UK and Ireland. There’s confidence returning to the market and we are well positioned to offer retailers a progressive and ambitious brand. We’ve held our course during the recession and it’s heartening to see new retailers actually moving to Amica as an alternative to brands that have not been so loyal.”