Arçelik publishes 15th Sustainability Report

Home appliance company Arçelik has published its 15th Sustainability Report, with the theme Inspire Sustainable Lives in Every Home.

17 Jul, 23

European home appliance company and owner of Beko and Blomberg brands, Arçelik has published its 15th Sustainability Report, with the theme Inspire Sustainable Lives in Every Home.


It emphasises the company’s focus on reducing carbon emissions and efficiency improvements in the supply chain.

In addition, it showcases the IYI-GE platform, which Arçelik has developed and which includes  scientists, activists, and artists, to help in its decision-making and to protect the planet.

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Upholding its commitment to carbon reduction, Arçelik reported it is on track to achieve net zero by 2050, in line with the SBTi Net-Zero Standard.

Throughout 2022, Arçelik prevented 7,525 tons of CO2 emissions saved through energy efficiency projects and has achieved 65% green electricity usage in global manufacturing operations.

Arçelik’s recycling plants have recycled 1.65 million Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) units since 2014 and the recyclability rate of Arçelik’s products currently stands between 84%-99%.

By doing so, the company has saved 434 GWh of energy between 2014 and 2022, which is the daily electricity consumption of about 54 million Turkish households.

By recycling waste products, Arçelik has prevented about 214,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, and saved approximately 8.3 million tonnes of water by replacing old-tech products with new ones.

This quantity is equivalent to nearly 10.2 million Turkish households’ daily water consumption.

Making investments into the sustainable future of Arçelik, the company also successfully launched its first climate-friendly flagship store with platinum-level LEED certification.

Among its achievements, its washing machine plant is Romania is reportedly the countries first and only production unit to hold the LEED Platinum certification and uses 100% green electricity.

In 2022 Arçelik established a new partnership with to provide 10,000 Kenyans access to safe water.

Arçelik employees across 50 countries also engaged in a 24-hour activity of plogging – picking up litter while jogging – which aimed to raise global awareness of sustainable living.

The company also engages in initiatives to protect marine life active with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Marine Life Conservation Society (DYKD) to recycle fishnets.

Arçelik has also focused on the sustainability of its workforce, to improve equality and access both within the industry.

With a view to encourage more Women into STEM, Arçelik facilitated over $8million to women entrepreneurs in 2022.

It also continued the We-inTech program across Pakistan, Romania, South Africa and Turkey to empower women engineers.

Although currently not within the scope of the Taxonomy regulation, Arçelik has voluntarily reported the taxonomy where it mapped its eligibility and alignment to the EU Taxonomy for the first time this year.

Arçelik’s innovation achievements have been recognised worldwide, and has been recognised in Corporate Knights The Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations for the second year in a row.