Brits prone to shrinking clothes, reports LG

08 Sep, 14

Two thirds of garments are damaged by shrinking

To celebrate the company’s seventh year as the Official Garment Care Supplier for London Fashion Week, LG Electronics has released the results of a survey which reveals the average British adult ruins 1-2 pieces of clothing each year while doing laundry. 

The survey also estimated that more than 600,000 people are said to have spoilt nine items in 12 months. The most common mishap is shrinking clothing, with nearly two thirds of damaged garments affected this way. 

The survey of over 2,000 UK adults found that men are more likely to ruin more expensive clothes and will average one wash a week, suggesting the preference may be for a larger drum. On average Brits will ruin £3,969 worth of garments in the wash over their lifetime. 

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The survey also found that 35% of consumers would avoid buying clothes in fabrics which they believe are difficult to care for. 

The 35-44 age range does washing most frequently with 27% doing a wash every day. This highlights the benefits of ease of use technologies and durability.

LG is supporting the trend for ‘slow fashion’ that promotes investing in a future-proof wardrobe rather than throwaway trends. To promote slow fashion LG aims to raise awareness of the benefits of the latest laundry technology when caring for clothes. The company believe retailers can help by highlighting machines with specialist wash programmes. 

LG’s 6 Motion Technology machines can download new programmes for example Wool and Baby Care. The machines also feature Smart Diagnosis to find problems with the machine and advise how to care for it. The company is also partnering with British fashion designer Ashley Williams to launch the Ashley Williams for LG Garment Carrier. The company hopes to encourage Brits to take consideration when caring for their clothing. 

Dawn Stockwell, head of brand marketing, said: “As LG enters its sixth consecutive season supporting London Fashion Week, we’re encouraging consumers to value well-made, quality garments; be mindful of how and where their clothes are produced; and to properly care for their wardrobes. LG’s unique 6 Motion Direct Drive Washing Machines offer a range of advanced features to support consumers in caring for their wardrobes at home – even their most delicate fabrics. With sustainable fashion becoming increasingly important, we hope consumers will see the long term financial and environmental value in caring for their clothes as much as possible.”