Bathroom retailer sponsors renovation podcast

Bathroom retailer Drench has extended a sponsorship deal with renovation consultant HomeNotes for its Stories from Site podcast for a further three series. 

06 Sep, 23

Online bathroom retailer Drench has extended a sponsorship deal with renovation consultant HomeNotes to support its Stories from Site podcast for a further three series.

Bathroom retails sponsors renovation podcast

The partnership that began in January has seen Drench, part of the Beyond Retail group, become exclusive sponsor of the podcast, which has amassed 7052 downloads since it began in 2022.

Drench is advertised at the start of every weekly episode and has also provided an exclusive discount code to podcast listeners as part of the deal.

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The retailer initially signed a deal to support the inaugural series of the podcast as well as the second follow up series.

Due to the success of the partnership and the podcast’s growing popularity, it has now been extended to cover series three, four and five that will all air during the remainder of 2023.

Stories from Site is a podcast aimed at renovation and home improvement enthusiasts where co-hosts and HomeNotes owners, Amy Dunnarlick and Jane Middlehurst chat to renovators about making their dream home.

The podcast will launch its fourth series on 21st September 2023 and has already released 21 episodes across the first three series with Series five set to launch on November 23, 2023.

Head of brand and communications at Drench Heidi Tomlins said: “Drench has grown exponentially over the last few years since the pandemic and we’re truly grateful for the support of our customers and trade partners.

“It’s a really exciting time for us as we continue to build the Drench brand and reach new audiences, which is why the partnership with HomeNotes is so significant.

“The sponsorship has so far surpassed our expectations so we are thrilled to continue working alongside Amy and Jane.

“They are both fantastic architects putting the customer at the heart of their work and that fits very well with our ethos here at Drench.

“We look forward to seeing how the partnership grows during the remainder of 2023.”