Bathroom April Fools – not all toilet humour

01 Apr, 16

Did you get caught out?

While it could be said British comedy is typically based on ‘toilet humour’, the bathroom industry showed it spanned baths and showers too, taking to social media with this year’s April Fool hoaxes.

Crosswater and Clearwater baths took an intelligent look at plausible hi-tech solutions for showering and bathing, introducing the Smart Screen and Intelli Bath.

The Smart Screen claimed to use the shower enclosure glass to become a touch panel screen for social media, including Skype! Whereas the Intelli Bath (along with complementary App) could measure BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and offer an anti-prune warning.

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Roman’s April Fool focused on the fitness market too, with a shower tray offering magnetic therapy. But the tray came with a warning not to use with hip replacements, as the strength of the magnets could hold users captive.

Last but not least, Ideal Standard firmly focused on interior design hipsters, with a return to retro styling, claiming a relaunch of its 1970s Avocado suite.

Good work all! Did you spot anymore? Then let us know! Email the editor at