Bathroom Brands to “re-engineer” Bathroom Sale

09 May, 14

EXCLUSIVE: CEO of Bathroom Brands Patrick Riley explains changes

At the launch of Arcade and repositioning of its brand portfolio, CEO of Bathroom Brands Patrick Riley said the company had plans to “re-engineer” the marketing of its Bathroom Sale.

In an exclusive interview with Kitchens & Bathrooms News, he said the company plans to discuss with its distributors the length of sale and what products would be included as part of it.

Riley said an “error” of the inaugural Bathroom Sale was its reliance on print for marketing and the next sale would explore the use of digital media to attract customers into stores.

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He commented: “When we built Bathstore it took us seven or eight years to get a mousetrap that worked. It was the first Sale, it way exceeded my expectations but we can do better. My measurement is only can we deliver customers to the shop.”

Although reticent to provide figures on how successful the Bathroom Sale had been for the company, Riley said the company was on a “journey” to get it right.