BC Designs celebrates 20th anniversary

Celebrating two decades trading with investment in showroom and products

04 Jun, 19

British bath manufacturer BC Designs is celebrating its 20th year of trading and has plans for “ambitious growth”, investing in a HQ showroom and product portfolio.

BC Designs celebrates 20 year anniversary

Founder and design director of BC Designs Barrie Cutchie


Founded by Barrie Cutchie, the business is part-owned by the Roxor Group and is in the process of creating a showroom based at its headquarters.

The investment plans also include an expanded warehouse, which it says will “better serve its retailers.”

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Managing director Darren Allison commented: “BC Designs has a long and successful heritage within the bathroom industry, and celebrating our 20th years of trading is a testimonial to that.

“We have a number of special projects and events linted up throughout the year, including retailer incentive offers so that everyone – from our clients through to their customers – can help us to celebrate.”

He continued: “Barry Cutchie, our design director and founder, is well underway to launching a host of new products across 2019 that will help to facilitate our ambitious growth plans.

“We’ll also be supporting our retailers with further marketing and PR support to help drive sales.”

The company plans to add to its brassware, including new finishes and metals, along with coloured and industrial finishes for its baths.

BC Designs has recently joined buying group, the IPG.