BCT: Aiming to be THE tile brand

08 Mar, 18

Head of retail at BCT Jayne Adamson says consumers are more confident about injecting personality

Q: What is the story of kbb Birmingham for British Ceramic Tile?

A: We’ve rebranded the company over the course of the last year because we very much want to be THE tile brand. There isn’t really a brand in the tiling industry, so there’s a gap for somebody to fill who is holding the consumer’s hand and helping them to make the decision.

Q: What have you featured on your stand?

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A: We have four trends on the stand and have pulled product from our portfolio that have fitted in with the trends. It includes Modern Deco, which is all about drama; Industrial which is all about concrete and distressed wood. It’s a lot more feminine then it has been in the past; Sumptous surfaces, which is all about texture and finally Hygge which is all about warmth.

Q: Have tiles become more important to consumers, as part of a bathroom or kitchen purchase?

A: Because of the rise of Instagram and Pinterest, people are going into retailers showing a picture and saying ‘I want that look’. There are some stunning bathrooms around but predominately people are buying white, so the tile is the bit that adds personality to a room. I think consumers are getting more confident about putting their stamp on their home.

Q: What has the reaction been like to your stand?

A: People are loving the designs of our product. We design for the British market and fit its needs.