Beko reaches “major milestone” of carbon neutral production

Climate change is the biggest danger humanity has ever faced, says CEO of Arcelik Hakan Bulgurlu

14 Oct, 20

Appliance manufacturer Beko said climate change is the biggest danger humanity has ever faced, and announced it has reached “a major milestone” of carbon neutral production worldwide, at the launch of its HygieneShield collection.

Beko reaches "major milestone" of carbon neutral production worldwide


CEO of Arcelik, parent company of Beko, Hakan Bulgurlu said there was a link between the growth of infectious diseases and the need to be sustainable.

“Throughout the history of human civilisation nothing has killed more people than infectious diseases. They have increased four-fold over the past century.

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“No wonder that these are also corresponding to the increasing destruction of our natural habitat.”

And Hakan Bulgurlu said the climate crisis “which is actually here, and very much alive, is the biggest danger humanity has ever faced.”

He continued: “We must embrace an equal healthy and green recovery, kickstarting a wider transformation towards a model that values nature as the foundation for a healthier society. The threats are clear as is our mission on sustainablity.”

Beko reported it has focused on “responsible production  and consumption” of its appliances, as well as the circular economy.

Hakan Bulgurlu continued: “We champion eco-friendly innovations and develop climate-friendly products that use less resources to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint.”

He exclaimed: “This year is a major milestone in our sustainability journey. While many other competitors and companies announce 2030 and 2050 for their carbon neutrality, we have become carbon neutral at global production operations covering 2019/2020.

“This is something that is very dear to our heart and underlines our commitment to doing the right thing vis a vis the planet and sustainability.”

Bulgurlu concluded: “For us sustainability is a must for the future of humanity and, on top of that, it is also a profitable business model.”