Better Bathrooms launches apprenticeships

14 Jan, 14

Retailer Better Bathrooms offering apprenticeships

High street and online retailer Better Bathrooms has launched an apprenticeship scheme which will run across the business, with opportunities in design, IT, administration and accounts.The apprenticeships will last for 12-18 months, with the aim of securing full-time employment at the end of this period. It follows the announcement Better Bathrooms has expanded its store network to four showrooms.

Apprentices will attend college part-time, studying a related subject, but will also work in the Better Bathrooms office part-time, gaining practical experience through a bespoke training programme.

Founder and managing director of Better Bathrooms, Colin Stevens who started his £32million business by selling taps on eBay commented: “I believe there is great value in training the UK’s young people through apprenticeship schemes. With over a million young people unemployed, it is the duty of business leaders to pass on their industry knowledge to ensure the next generation are equipped with the skills they need to succeed in their first job. In turn, they will become a valuable asset to the company, so it is worth the investment.”

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He continued: “I was never very academically-minded at school and often got restless in the classroom. I understand that we should cater for different personality types when providing young people with training. Allowing people to learn on the job is a fantastic way to engage with young people who are very able but may find it difficult to remain focused in the classroom.”