BiKBBI announces diversity ambassador

The British Institute of KBB Installation (BiKBBI) has announced the Hon Dr Stuart Lawrence as diversity ambassador

18 Jul, 23

The British Institute of KBB Installation (BiKBBI) has announced The Hon Dr Stuart Lawrence as diversity ambassador, following the recent launch of the BiKBBI Education Steering Committee.

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Stuart Lawrence brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a powerful voice to promote diversity and inclusivity within the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom (KBB) installation industry.

He has been a campaigner for social justice and equality following the tragic murder of his younger brother, Stephen, in 1993.

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As BiKBBI’s diversity ambassador, Stuart Lawrence will collaborate with the BiKBBI Education Steering Committee, BiKBBI’s leadership team, stakeholders, and industry professionals, to foster inclusivity and diversity within the KBB installation industry.

He will play a role in the implementation of strategies to promote equal opportunities across the sector, with his primary focus on encouraging the industry to embrace diversity, including ethnicity, gender, age, and socioeconomic background.

Lawrence will engage in various initiatives, including delivering keynote speeches, participating in industry events, and collaborating with industry leaders to develop and implement inclusive practices.

His appointment demonstrates BiKBBI’s commitment to driving positive change in the sector which includes championing inclusivity and equality, regardless of their background.

In response to his appointment, Stuart Lawrence commented, “I am truly honoured and excited to join forces with the British Institute of KBB Installation as their diversity ambassador.

“It is crucial for all industries to recognise the importance of diversity, not only as a matter of social inclusivity but also as a driver for innovation and success.

“I look forward to working with BiKBBI and its stakeholders to create a more inclusive and diverse KBB installation industry.”

Chair of the BiKBBI Education Steering Committee Hannah Hockley commented ‘The announcement of the Hon Dr Stuart Lawrence as Diversity Ambassador is great news for the education committee, the installation sector and the whole KBB sector.

“We look forward to working closely with Stuart as we tackle the challenges facing the sector and work towards solutions that deliver positive reform and shape a sustainable future workforce for the KBB installation sector.”