Blum increases turnover by €50million

Third generation of family-owned company to drive future growth

17 Jul, 18

Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum has grown its turnover by 2.8% in the 2017/2018 financial year and recorded a turnover of €1,839,42million.

The company sells in to more than 120 countries and around half of its turnover (48%) was through sales in the EU, with the USA accounting for 15% and other markets 37%.

Blum reports most markets in Western Europe achieved an increase in turnover and benefited from a recovery in South European markets and a growth in Eastern Europe.

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Driving the company forwards, the third generation of the family-owned company has now taken over the company.

Blum increases turnover by €50million 1

Blum’s managing directors (left to right): Martin Blum, Philipp Blum, Gerhard E Blum with Gerhard Humpeler and Urs Bolter

Managing directors Gerhard E Blum, Philipp Blum and Martin Blum will jointly manage the company.

They will be supported by longstanding employees Urs Bolter, managing director of Blum International Consulting and Gerhard Humpeler, head of finance.

Following the completion of the first production hall of a new Stamping Centre and high bay warehouse in Voralberg, Austria, the third generation will oversee the opening of the second production hall in April 2019.

As part of a €216million investment in worldwide operations, Blum has also opened a high bay warehouse in Poland and a showroom in Slovakia.

An extension to its office building and warehouse in Portugal is expected to be completed by September 2018.

Managing director Gerhard E Blum commented on the forthcoming financial year: “We will approach the new business year with restrained optimism. There are many question marks and there is a great deal of uncertainty about future developments.

“On the one hand, the Brexit process in Europe has still not been clarified and it is uncertain what direction the EU should take. On the other hand, we are deeply concerned about growing national interests e.g. the mutual imposition of tariffs and an escalation of economic sanctions.”

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