BMA hits back at BBC “Great Leaky Loo Scandal”

Water industry reports one in 20 WCs installed in the UK leak

01 Oct, 20

Trade association, the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) has hit back at BBC Radio Four’s Great Leaky Loo Scandal, as part of its Costing the Earth programme.

Don't withhold supplier payments, urges BMA


According to the water industry, up to one in 20 WCs installed in the UK have a leak.

Liaising with water companies, the BMA has examined leaking fittings to better understand why problems are occurring.

Since the Radio Four programme was recorded, manufacturer investigations have shed new light on the issue.

Chief executive of the BMA Tom Reynolds explained: “We can see that a lot of valve failures were on old product. Materials, design, and reliability have since improved, and this is a very positive step. Continuous improvement of products is part of the industry’s lifeblood and will be ongoing.”

He continued: “Industry tests have showed that many leaks could have been repaired with some simple and inexpensive maintenance. Like any equipment, all toilet mechanisms including valves and siphons require correct installation and occasional maintenance.

“We are working with partners to get the message across that repairing a leaky loo can be very straightforward and that preventative maintenance is a simple job that can save lots of water.”

Reynolds concluded: “Regulations require fittings to prevent the waste, misuse and undue consumption of water and reputable manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure this is the case.

“Compliant products, well installed and maintained will not leak.”

The BMA also recently cited its disappointment with the Green Home Grant which ignored bathroom fittings.