BMA launches save water campaign on World Water Day

Educating consumers on staying safe with CE marking and saving water with UWL

22 Mar, 19

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) has launched a stay safe and save water campaign to raise awareness of CE marking and the Unified Water Label on World Water Day, March 22.

BMA launches save water campaign on World Water Day

CEO of the BMA Yvonne Orgill launched the campaign to consumers via a series of radio interviews, directing them to videos on the BMA website.

The videos have been created to help consumers to help them understand what to look for and how to make informed decisions.

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She commented: “We know that consumers don’t always look for the Unified Water Label ( UWL) or realise that there is a legal requirement for certain bathroom products to carry the CE mark.

“Our own recent research into bathroom purchasing habits found that 74% of respondents were unaware that there was any legal requirement for bathroom products.

Orgill continued: “Almost 80% thought water efficiency was important, yet over half of taps and 40% of showers are purchased without the buyer being made aware about the amount of water these will use.

“We hope our campaign will give consumers the knowledge to seek out compliant products and avoid those shower enclosures, trays and screens and ceramic ware like toilets, bidets and basins that don’t meet the required ‘fit for purpose’ standard.

She added: “Support for the UWL is growing with 152 brands and over 13,000 products registered so far.

“We want consumers to know that the UWL provides a clear and simple system to identify water-saving products.

“Choosing products from this database, which are then installed and used correctly, will deliver environmental and cost-saving benefits, without any loss in performance.”

Yvonne Orgill was recently named CEO of the Unified Water Label at ISH.