BMA supports National Burn Awareness Day

10 Sep, 15

National Burn Awareness Day will be taking place on October 21st 2015

As part of its Hot Water Burns Like Fire campaign, the Bathroom Manufacturer’s Association (BMA) is promoting National Burn Awareness Day, in association with the British Burns Association (BBA) and the Children’s Burns Trust (CBT), on October 21.

The first National Burn Awareness Day took place last year, and this year the hope is to reach an even wider audience, with events being held across the country organised by the NHS Burns Services and the BBA.

These events will include members of burns teams, child safeguarding agencies and healthcare professionals visiting schools and creating awareness events and activities in the workplace.

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They have the support of, among others, the Government’s Fire Kills campaign and the Chief Fire Officers Association.

The BMA is calling on its member to help promote the day, by advertising posters displaying facts and figures about burns, and holding activities to help raise awareness. 

President of the Chief Fire Officers Association Paul Hancock said:“We fully support Burn Awareness Day’s goal of preventing injuries, particularly to children and the elderly. It’s essential that adults are aware of the potential hazards in their homes – whether these are hot kettles and saucepans within reach of small hands; unguarded fires and heaters; or high-temperature bath water. And if the worst does happen, make sure you know what to do. Remember: COOL the burn with running tap water, CALL for help, and COVER with cling film; and if your clothes are on fire, STOP, DROP and ROLL.”