Bosch unveils worlds largest dishwasher

05 May, 17

Bosch has placed the world’s largest dishwasher on London’s Southbank.

As part of a promotion for the launch of its PerfectDry dishwasher Bosch installed a 5m high dishwasher on London’s Southbank, encouraging an interactive experience.

The giant structure is 50 times the size of a standard dishwasher, and if it were operational it would clean 7,500 items and enough place settings to serve 650 people.

Visitors were invited to walk through a cascade of water  created through 2,000 litres of recycled water falling at a rate of 44litres per minute.Through using sensor technology the flow was then stopped as the participant passed underneath it, allowing them to walk through the water but stay completely dry.

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Group marketing manager Charlotte Moran commented: “Our giant dishwasher installation is about showcasing how our new PerfectDry dishwasher achieves the seemingly impossible – washes all dishes, pots, pans, glassware and even plastics but leaves them perfectly dry.”

She continued: “By allowing visitors to control the water inside our giant dishwasher, people will experience the control, convenience and peace of mind that Bosch’s home appliances offer.”