Brass and Clay: Challenging big brands

08 Mar, 18

Proprietor of Brass and Clay Russell Barnes is offering exclusivity for independent retailers

Q: What is your story at kbb Birmingham?

A: We’ve started a new brand. People may say the market is full of brands but I think we’ve got something unusual, a little bit different. It’s a collection of Italian products from three sources; brass – from a brassware manufacturer, clay from a ceramics manufacturer and of course you need bathroom furniture.

Q: How can you challenge the big, established brands?

Big brands will always be there. They’ve got big names. They’ve got big budgets. In the UK we have a very special bunch of independent retailers that sometimes fall under that big brand mentality. They want something exclusive.

Q: What has the reaction been like at the show?

A: It’s been absolutely amazing. It’s been ticking all the boxes. We spent a lot of time researching the product and prices. I just think we are in the right place at the right time.

Q: How is the current trading climate?

A: I’m very positive. You just have to look around the show. It’s completely different to previous events, especially during the recession times when it was hopeless and degenerating. This year, there’s a real buzz.