Bringing manufacturing back to the UK

18 Jun, 13

GDHA to manufacture Krushr recycling compactors

Glen Dimplex Home Appliances has been exclusively appointed to manufacture Krushr‘s range of recycling compactors at its Merseyside headquarters. The decision follows an increase in demand for the Krushr products in North America, and the company is said to have recognised the advantages of bringing its manufacturing operation back to the UK.

Martin Preen, CEO of Krushr, said: “The benefit of a motivated and skilled UK-based workforce, which is focused on world leading quality and reliability, increasingly outweighs the evermore elusive cost savings of Far East-based production. Having investigated a number of potential manufacturers worldwide, Glen Dimplex Home Appliances emerged as a clear leader in all areas that we consider key to our future success.

“As a UK innovation, developed with funding and experience from British entrepreneurs, it seemed natural that Krushr’s products should also be manufactured in the UK and we are proud to be able to stamp ‘Made in the UK’ on our products.”

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GDHA, which launched the ‘Made in Britain’ campaign in 2010, will manufacture the full range of waste recycling products from its 26-acre site. The low-energy compactors offer a fully integrated solution to segregating and storing recyclable waste.

They are said to increase available waste storage by up to 300% and allow users to divert recyclables from landfill by separating waste, according to local refuse collection protocols.