Britannia Living opens HQ showroom

27 Jan, 15

Showcasing Britannia, Bertazzoni and Best appliances

Kitchen appliance supplier Britannia Living has opened a showroom at its headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent.

It showcases products from its portfolio of brands which includes Britannia, Bertazzoni and Best.

The selection of products include a Jackson Pollock-inspired Britannia range cooker, built-in and freestanding products from Bertazzoni and an award-winning Overside hood from Best.

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Marketing manager at Britannia Living, Michael Haigh commented: “The new showroom, which is open now, enables us to display all of the Britannia Living brands and will serve as a base to showcase our latest products.

“Due to the high-quality nature of our products, we always find it beneficial for our customers to be able to look at and feel our appliances, so it is great to have a forum to showcase them.”