Brits want self-cleaning WCs in smart bathroom tech survey

Lighting, sound and scent on wish list for bathing areas

20 May, 19

The vast majority of Brits (83%) want self-cleaning WCs, according to a survey by, which asked consumers what smart bathroom tech they found most appealing.

Brits want self-cleaning WCs

More than half (55%) were interested in a self-deodoriser function and a third (31%) wanted a heated seat.

According to the survey of 1,424 Brits, two thirds (69%) like the idea of digital controls for precise temperature, spray and timing for the shower.

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In addition, for the shower, more than half (55%) and just under half (45%) desired mood lighting and built-in sound, respectively.

Looking at the bathtub, 66% homeowners would like to fit mood lighting in their baths, followed by 63% who would like a built-in scented mist dispenser and 41% who would like a heated backrest.

Overall in the bathroom, the general bathroom technology Brits would like to see in the bathroom is smart temperature control, with water conservation technology second (41%) and wall-mounted touch controls third (34%).

In addition, consumers also highlighted five emerging technologies they would like to try in their bathroom

  1. Sanitising bathroom accessories – 59%

Gadgets that use UV light to disinfect items like damp towels

  1. Warming drawers – 52%

Think a heated towel rack but in drawer form to store towels, robes and slippers.

  1. Fitbit Wi-Fi scales – 48%

An advanced set of scales, which track weight, lean mass, body fat and more – and sync data wirelessly and automatically to your Fitbit account!

  1. Virtual reality showers – 45%

A feature to enables homeowners to project scenes – such as the beach, jungle or somewhere peaceful – within the washroom

  1. Cooled cabinetry – 28%

Refrigerated bathroom cabinets, which allow users to keep medicines (or drinks) cool.

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