Burgbad restructures management team

24 Oct, 13

Focusing on countries’ individual needs, including UK

German bathroom manufacturer Burgbad has re-structured its management team and has plans to grow its business by focusing on individual countries’ needs, including the UK.

Managing director Jorg Loew has now taken the position of chairman, while Jens Kromer has been appointed to the new role of director of sales, with responsibility for all global markets.

Kromer has been with the company for the past 22 years and prior to his appointment was in charge of export business.

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Burgbad now plans to target countries ‘which can do better’ such as the UK. Kromer stated his ambition for the UK market: “We will try to double the turnover in three years.”

The company is taking 12 months to research the needs of its targeted countries. Marketing director of Burgbad Sabine Meissner commented: “The advantage of Burgbad, in general, is that we could be more flexible. That is the action which we don’t yet use but that will change in the future.” She continued: “Obviously we are part of a big holding company [Eczacibasi], but on the other hand we are still small enough to be flexible enough to react to different countries requirements.”

And Kromer added: “It’s the only way to be successful, to act local.”

It may see Burgbad introduce more competitively-priced product for the UK to increase sales volumes and take market share.

UK sales director for Burgbad John Drake explains: “We have fantastic product but it’s not product you can sell to everybody, every day. In order to be successful we need product for both ends of the market. We also need some product which is sized and priced – not at the bottom end of the market – but at a busier end of the market. We’re never going to be at the bottom end of the market.”

He continued stating a growth in volume would also require Burgbad to restructure its logistics. He said: “If we decided we want more volume then, realistically, we have got to deliver quicker on some product.” In addition, Burgbad is also seeking to grow its network of showrooms, in specific areas of the country. Drake added: “There are key areas where we really do need some more showrooms, absolutely no question – in the North, in the Midlands, South West, in the East – looking at Cambridgeshire and East Anglia.”