Caesarstone UK: Debut kbb show

14 Mar, 18

Over 800 visitors saw Caesarstone’s latest launches reports VP of sales Guy Rawstorne

Q: Why did you decide to exhibit at kbbBirmingham

A: Caesarstone UK launched in January 2017, so this is our first kbb show. We’ve got 100sqft stand and we’re showing off our 44 colours of quartz that we sell into the UK market and we’re also showing two new colours.

Q: What are the new colours?

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A: The first one is Cloudburst Concrete, which is a matt colour and continues on from our Concrete series. The second new colour is Escava which looks a bit more like Travertine, so it’s got slightly metallic features in it. Both are the latest innovations in quartz colours.

Q: What has the reaction been like?

A: The response to those new colours has been extremely positive. We’re taking quartz to new dimensions and offering consumers new, industrial urban styled products.

Q: What were your expectations of the show?

A: We really didn’t know what to expect but our data tells us we’ve seen over 800 customers in three days, which is great. Our stand has been very busy.

Q: How is business?

A: Business is good. We had a tremendous 2017. We hit all our milestones. This year has started well. I’m conscious that, certainly in the South East [of England], the situation with Brexit is causing some caution. I think people are not buying houses with quite the alacrity they once were.

Q: What advice would you give to retailers concerned about the current trading climate?

A: People still need to refurbish their kitchens and if you’re not moving house you might decide to invest the money in doing up your existing house. There is still business out there.