Caeserstone unveiled its latest finishes at KBB

24 Mar, 16

Sales director David Beckett said he was using KBB to expose finishes to the market

K&B News: Why have you chosen to exhibit at KBB Birmingham?

David Beckett (DB): We are here to launch some new colours that we have in the range. Some of them we introduced earlier in the year but this is an opportunity to expose them to the main market. We’re here to launch the Statuario Nuovo and the Calacatta samples at this exhibition.

K&B News: What has the response been to the launches?

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DB: We’ve had very positive reactions from kitchen studios, designers and architects.

K&B News: How do you think the show compares to previous years?

DB: This is probably the most active show that we’ve had. We’ve been here about five times over the years and I would say that we’ve had more visitors at this show than any other one that we’ve been present at and we hope to see the results of it in the weeks to come.