Celmac celebrates 125th anniversary

20 Feb, 15

Competition forms part of a year-long program of events to celebrate anniversary

Celmac Wirquin is celebrating its 125th anniversary with promotions and events which will run throughout 2015.

The toilet seat brand is synonymous for the 1930s black crescent-shaped school seat, as well as setting the BS1254 Type 1 and the BS1254 Type 2, all of which are still manufactured at the Doncaster-based factory.

Established as Robert Mcard, after its founder, Celmac has been producing toilet seats since 1890 and now makes over one million units a year.

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The company is currently running a just for fun competition asking installers “Have you seen the oldest Celmac toilet seat around?”

According to Celmac, a 1970s Saxon seat has already been spotted in a home local to the company but have you seen older ones? Send your photos and details of where you’ve spotted it to communications@wirquin.co.uk

Celmac and Macdee brands are both brands offered by Wirquin, which recently won two local business awards.